hi my name is bee
modding my gba

My cousin gave me this GBA more than 10 years ago but I never used it much, partly because the screen didn't have a backlight. Figured I'd put in a back-lit screen, scratch-resistant glass lens, and an Everdrive flash cart.

Spare parts for old consoles like this of course come from China. Kit came with a screen, glass lens, and housing/button replacements. The front panel for the housing has been modified to accept the newer screen, which is a slightly different size than the original screen the console comes with. I'll only be using the kit's front panel -- the back panel and buttons I'll source from the original GBA.

The Everdrive flash cart is used to run the games off of an SD card. A complete GBA rom set is roughly 41GB, so a single SD card should be more than enough storage.

Install was easy -- just solder one wire to a point on the motherboard and stick in a bunch of ribbon cables. Overall a pretty fun way to spend an evening.